Jean-François Olagnon, founder of the “PHYSIOMINS” franchise

"Olivier Gast created my franchise in 1996. His originality is that for a lawyer, he knows both the law of course but also finance and marketing.
His advice was all the more valuable that as a franchising expert he had a global view of the market.
With him, I had all services under one roof.
This is what I think makes his positioning unique on the market of franchising consultancy.
Consultants don’t know the law or its strings.
And the specialised lawyers are only drafters of contracts and disclosure documents. They lack the financial, marketing and business aspect. "

Alain Boccara, CEO of “Mobilier de France”

"I really liked the vision of « Suzerain-Vassal ” of Olivier Gast. Thanks to this approach, he helped me make my network, Mobilier de France, evolve in the right direction. Before that, I had light contracts, of the concession type.
Today, the rigor and discipline of my network allowed me to restructure and make it evolve quickly, as well as implementing a uniformed policy. "

Fernand Ribas, CEO of “Autour de bebe”

"Olivier Gast is certainly the most experienced and most creative franchising counsel. I also appreciated his sense of ethics "

Jean-Pierre Lavigne, former CEO and founder of the “Elytis” franchise (perfumery chain)

« Olivier Gast is a heavyweight of franchising. It is better to have him with you than against you! »

David Maraouani, Former Executive of “Gerard Darel”

"Olivier Gast with his franchise budgeting software saved us much time. I enjoyed the originality of his feasibility study based on the profitability, first, of the franchisee (IRR of 20%) and his experience in the business plan of the franchisor "

Elisa Suissa, “Soleil Sucré”

"Olivier is not only a consultant in franchising, he is also and above all a great promoter. I remember with emotion the visit to China that he organized in 2005 with his CEDRE at the Franchise Exhibition in Beijing. He has the sense of organization and human contact. » "

Pierre Frédéric Roulot, Former Executive of MacDonald’s - France

"Olivier Gast always surprised me by his multidisciplinary capabilities.
He contributed to ethical franchising in France in the 1980s. He is a force of proposal.
He wrote so much on franchising, it’s impressive! "

Stéphane Georgeon CEO of “Jean-Claude Biguine”

« Olivier Gast was able to make the CEDRE a club of exchanges and reflection that has an authority in the world of franchising. Bravo!
Network Directors represent a real profession today. They are the backbone of franchising.
They owe this recognition a lot to the CEDRE. "

Mr. Pigerol, Former owner of “Lynx Optique”

“I have always appreciated the enthusiastic side of Olivier Gast. He is always in good spirits, and gay with a great sense of humour - sometimes a little too great!
As he said himself, he has always worked in franchising in joy and while having fun. He does not take himself seriously, which is not so bad, it makes him all the more convincing.”

Charles Seroude, Consultant "(the Pope of Franchising!)"

« Olivier is the other expert in franchising - after me of course!
His competence as a lawyer and his fight for the Doubin Law have helped make French franchising the European leader. »

François Gros, CEO of “Petit Patapon” (Porto - Portugal)

« Olivier Gast is in my opinion the best known expert in franchising in Europe. He has a true international dimension.
He speaks four languages, it has helped him launch the franchise in Spain and Portugal for example. »

Pierre Elmalek, CEO of “La Maison de la Literie”(Former President of the French Franchise Federation)

"Olivier Gast was one of the rare tycoons of franchising who supported me when I was at the bottom. I appreciate his boyscout side, always ready to serve."

Geneviève Lethu

"Olivier is a star and has been a true « franchise guru »!

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