Olivier Gast Counselling

Olivier GAST has been a consultant in franchising for 30 years. He is considered as the "guru of franchising” in France and Europe.

Franchising theorist, he was the only one to fight to impose a law on franchising in FRANCE: The law of 1989, known as Doubin Law, was largely inspired by his work including his own law proposal for the 1985 Act.

In 1991, he also co-edited its implementing decree. All the economic newspapers of those years witnessed his work. Olivier Gast took the opportunity to enforce the spirit of the Doubin law in Europe.

Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, all countries have legislations on franchising based on the Doubin law and the preparatory work of Olivier Gast’s doctrine which had already been expressed in legal journals as the “Revue Trimestrielle de droit commercial” [Quarterly Journal of Commercial Law] in 1982.

Olivier Gast in 1981 created the European Franchising University in Colmar, now a Master II. The only one in France providing specialized education, (while the DESS de droit de la Franchise [Professional Masters in Franchising Law] of Strasbourg has recently been deleted).

Olivier Gast in 1991 founded the CEDRE: European Club of Network Directors awarding each year the famous trophy for Best Network Director of the year.

The CEDRE, philosophical continuity of the European Franchising University, hosted young network directors in the club and defended with determination and courageously the title and the function of "Director of Network", spine of franchisors and thus of franchising.

Olivier Gast Counselling is a firm specializing in the franchising development and providing many technical skills that allow serious companies to address franchising and master franchising with professional guarantees.

To learn more about the work and the activities of Olivier Gast, see sections « History of the Franchise and Press Reviews » (click on history of the franchise and press reviews)
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