Introduction to the the franchising bible

Franchising is a system of development between a talented entrepreneur (the franchisor) who developed a business structure that gives it a certain competitive advance, and by transferring its know-how and its knowledge of success to another contractor, independent trader (franchisee), allows the franchisor’s accelerated conquest of a given market (national or international) by the principle of repetition.

Franchising is a multidisciplinary and complex technique, reserved exclusively for experienced professionals having a real experience and successful references.

The choice of counsel and / or consultant is crucial to the success of a fledgling franchisor.

Beware of the "true-false" expert.

In times of economic crisis, many spontaneous consultants, with only commercial experience, proliferate to escape unemployment.

These counsels often lack the technical skills and often have no academic training.

Another warning, be careful also with the budget.

The fledgling franchisor cannot seriously expect to set up its franchise (financial engineering, franchise agreement, Disclosure Document) for less than 25000 euros ex VAT worth of fees.
The current trend of franchising counsels (lawyers, consultants, accountants…) is dumping fees.
Note that the savings made upstream will be inversely proportionate to the litigations budget downstream that you will have to pay (a trial with your franchisees will make you regret having been wronged in the establishment of your franchise).

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