Created in 1991 by Olivier Gast, the CEDRE (European Club Managers Network) includes developers, animators, franchise managers and Franchisors (Franchise, branches, Volunteers Channels, Groups, Partnership, Co ...).

It aims to foster discussions, exchanges and even new information between the members: all are necessarily looking for innovative ideas. Indeed, it is upon them that rests the proper development of the brand they represent.

Philosophy of the CEDRE

The CEDRE is a structure in France for young franchisors ... and older ones. This club has always been a breeding ground for agitators force proposal and anticipation, with a perceptive look at the foundations of the franchise.

Today, some French institutions slide on a "socialist and egalitarian" slope towards a kind of partnership group - horizontal type - and maybe even cooperative (associations and cooperatives) , and / or mutual. These institutions have invented the "co- franchise" and they use this "union franchise" as an arm for the co-franchise. This is ambiguous and in my opinion, quite harmful.

How ?

Simply by "syndicating" the franchisor-franchisee relationship (through the creation of associations of franchisees Act 1901 ) .

Is this the future of the franchise ?

The CEDRE sees another way for the franchise.

The CEDRE advocates for the franchise a verticalised structure, protecting the interests of franchisors entrepreneurs and their investments. This is the "neo-capitalism" (in the American sense) that spawned the franchise. The "Grand Capital " is not interested in the franchise, he prefers succursalisme !

Franchising is the "way of the poor ", the young entrepreneur who has no capital but head full of ideas and mastering modern management. It is in these times of severe crisis like the current crisis of franchise concepts and prove that young franchisors appear on the market. To be an entrepreneur and franchisor, they must take risks. Franchise ignore " class struggle " !

The franchise is made with materials from the middle classes. The franchise is the world of small and medium enterprises, and must necessarily be liberal and / or " neoliberal " to understand .

Respect the contractor and the franchisor protect its know-how, capital and its future. This is the spirit of The CEDRE and its members.

Join the CEDRE

The CEDRE unites about 200 supporters !

They were 240 franchisors and franchise managers to attend our workshops and conferences in 2013.

Its objectives

Promote the profession under the common denominator of franchise manager, promote reflection and exchange of information on the position of franchise manager, its evolution, its techniques, its promotion in the economic, legal and financial environment. Promote the profession in the industry and French and European institutions.

His actions

The CEDRE organizes demonstrations involving economic and political actors that extend its work in a constructive way and unifying Europe :
- dinners and debates
- working committees and monthly workshops on topics of interest to the profession.
- participations in foreign fairs
- its annual conference and its famous trophy for Best Director Network
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