Olivier Gast was a lawyer for nearly 30 years. He left the profession to devote himself to international franchising and has since January 2008, been a Counsel in Franchising and resident in Luxembourg.
He was considered “the franchising guru” for more than 30 years and today sees himself as the" eminence grise "of franchising!


Holds a DESS (Professional Masters) in Business Law from the University of Aix Marseille and DJCE (Diploma in legal counselling for companies)

Doctorate degree thesis under the direction of Professor Sir CAS on the theme: "The groups of concessionaries and franchisees", Aix en Provence 1978.

Upon completion of his studies, he undertook in 1981 a one-year internship at the largest worldwide specialist in Franchising in Washington DC (USA), Philip ZEIDMAN. His skills and his intense activity have contributed to the harmonious development of franchising in France and the reputation of French Franchising in the world.

Law Doubin

To crown its work, the Minister of Commerce, Mr François DOUBIN, awarded him the “Ribbons of the French Franchise in 1988” that you can see here, an article on the ribbons of franchising, click here.

Franchise Exhibition 1989

Minister of Commerce, François DOUBIN, comes to congratulate Olivier GAST on the stall of the « IPF » – Professionalised Franchising Institute in Colmar (ex-European university of franchising of Colmar, now an « IUP ») for his work on the future " DOUBIN Law "

Trade Minister François Doubin surrounded to the left by Patrick Lecetre, founder of the Franchise Exhibition, and to his right, Mr. Bréville, President of the FFF (French Franchise Federation).
He is the author of over a hundred and fifty articles published in law journals (eg Dalloz, Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Commercial, Semaine Juridique, ...), Economic journals which appear in public record (eg Le Figaro, Les Echos, Le Monde, L'Express ...), specialized magazines for entrepreneurs (eg Franchise Magazine, L'Officiel de la Franchise, Entreprendre ...).


He is also the author of numerous books:
- How to negotiate a Franchise (Usine Nouvelle Editions 1983).
- Guide to International Franchising (Editions Gast 1985).
- The European Procedures of Competition and Franchising Law (Editions Jupiter 1989).
- Franchising in Brazil (Editions Gast 1990).
- Guide to the Doubin Law (Editions Gast 1998).
- The Master Franchise (Editions Gast 2001).
- The new European regime for Exemption of Franchise Agreements: A Practical Guide (Editions Gast 2001).


Inspirator of the Doubin Law of 31 December 1989 and co-editor of its implementing decree in 1991.

Inventor of the rule of "three two" which contributed to the improvement of Franchising in France and Europe in 1982.

Olivier Gast created in 1981 the European University of Franchising in Colmar, now a “Master II”. The only one in France providing specialized education, (while the “DESS in Franchising Law of Strasbourg” has recently been deleted), click here.

Speaker Internationally recognized as a specialist in Franchising.

Speaker in 1981 in Japan at the 10th anniversary of the Japan Federation of Franchise.

Speaker at the conference of the IFA (International Franchise Association) 1983.

Counsel to several Franchise federations in the world.

Former member of the panel of experts of the French Franchise Federation (which he participated in the creation in 1993).

Creator in 1991, with the FFF, of the “Tour de France de la Franchise: Etats Generaux de la Franchise”

Former member of the Legal Board of the European Franchise Federation.

Co-founder of the European Master Franchise Association (EMFA).

Founding President of the CEDRE (European Club of Network Directors 1991).

Founder of “Franchise Manager” in 2001.

Chevalier de l’Ordre des Saints Maurice et Lazare de la Maison Royale de Savoie


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