Search for master franchisees

Olivier Gast's Counseling specializes in search of master franchisees in countries with high potential (Russia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Shanghai, etc. ..). The consultants who work with Olivier Gast's Counseling are carefully recruited and trained to respect and to reiterate the franchising spirit.

Thus, thanks to its correspondents, Olivier Gast's Counseling assists French or foreign franchisors in finding reliable partners and / or accompanies them throughout the negotiation process. The goal is to help franchisors to integrate the local market with cultural, legal, political, and administrative concerns.

To this can be added the counseling in adapting the know-how to a specific country, in order to derive maximum benefits from international cooperation.

Such services: the search for master franchisees is paid according to the results (usually a percentage on the master fee).

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