Franchise Creator

a) The course of the fledgling franchisor (See standard Franchise Agreement & Disclosure Agreement for young networks)
- Rule of 3 / 2
- Franchise budgeting
- Is your concept "Franchiseable"?
- How does a franchisor become successful? Why?
25 years of experience
- Franchising and the relation of power between the franchisor and the franchisee

b) The initiate course

We coach you to:
- Strategic marketing
- Contract Marketing
- Franchise Engineering
- Network Audit
- Corporate finance
- Research funds (Private Equity)
- The contractual relationship
- The franchising policy

Ethical issues

A substantial budget must be planned. The fees of a serious franchising counsel are around 30000 € ex VAT minimum (franchise budget, financial feasibility, audit of the pilot stores and their ability to be repeatable, Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document included). Below 30000 € ex VAT, be cautious! It is not just the photocopy price! You must also be cautious with the current dumping trend, one shouldn’t play with franchising. Be cautious if a consultant, for example, offers you to draft the franchise agreement and the Disclosure Document. Consultants are not lawyers (but they are hungry)!
Is the consultant a lawyer, to pretend to be a drafter of franchise agreements?

You are going to ask your prospective franchisees heavy investments, which often correspond to their economies of “a whole life”. And you would not be able to invest a sum of approximately € 30 000 - you, young franchisor !? - to set up your franchise system.

The intellectual honesty is a real value in all frankness and without compromise!

Our skills

Network engineers
Analysis of the concept
Development strategy and business development plan of the franchisor
Integration of the franchise parameters in the operating account of the franchisee
Why an operating account must generate an IRR of 20%?
The budgeting analysis of the 5 skills of the franchisor

Network Audit
Internal Audit
Operational and financial reporting
Financial Diagnostic
Management Meeting within a company

Corporate finance
Financial evaluation and negotiation
Financial evaluation of the franchise network
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